Welcome to wxTED teletext editor


wxTED is a teletext editor. It is currently Windows only but with some help and resources it could be OSX and Linux too.
It handles tti and ttix teletext files. It can also read a few other formats like TTX and EP1. Teletext pages with tti file extension are an MRG Systems format that can be used with their inserters or VBIT.
Most features are implemented including carousels and language options. Now handles 26 language character sets based on Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic.
There are some sample pages bundled so you can get started with real pages as starting points.
See manual.pdf for release information.


Here is the link for wxTED:
1.32 - 26-05-2018 - Windows installer - 5.48
Earlier versions:
1.31 - 26-05-2018 - Windows installer - 5.48
1.30 - 19-07-2017 - Windows installer - 5.48
1.29 - 12-07-2017 - Windows installer - 5.48

Latest features

1.32: Support for VTP files including carousels.
1.31: Support for VTP files. Only supports the first page of a carousel. Next version will decode all the pages.
1.30: More reliable detecting of unsaved work. Less false positives.
1.29: ZXNet import. Added Fastext and fixed the key/value decoding.
1.28: ZXNet support. Export using File->ZXNet. Import by pasting the ZXNet URL.
1.27: First update of manual for about a year. Improved mosaic mode cursor. edit.tf import/export includes Fastext row 24. Fixed contiguous mode code - now on CTRL-D. Cursor movement across double height avoids the lower (hidden) row.
1.26: Launching with a named file eg. by clicking a page file now enables the Save menu option.
1.25: qwaszx keys implemented. These toggle the six sub character pixels when in graphics mode. ShowMarkup tidied a bit. Now works properly on double height.
1.24: Command line now accepts a filename. This allows page files to be associated with wxTED so they can launch automatically.
1.23: Fixed hold mosaic mode (again). File->Export edit.tf now fires up a browser at the same time. Removed a lot of compiler warnings
1.22: Fixed hold mosaics mode. Changed header escapes to follow new substitutions scheme in VBIT. Added File->New Window option.
1.21: Fastext row can be disabled by setting link 0 to 8ff. Raw data can be added to packets OL,26, and OL,27, . See http://zxnet.co.uk/teletext/teletextlinkpacket.html
1.19: Added alpha black (Shift F8) and graphics black codes (CTRL F8). VTX file import for reading RTL files. Minimising shouldn't crash any more.
1.18: Fixed subpage problem, where it all went wrong if you had more than 9 supbages. It should shut down cleaner with attention to disposing memory
1.16: Tidied help option. Can now toggle control code visibility using the Alt-Gr key.
1.15: "You have unsaved work" dialog added if you try to quit.
1.14: If you have the address of a teletext editor page at www.uniquecodeanddata.co.uk, you can paste that page with ctrl-v directly into wxTED.
1.13: Separated attributes into Set-before and Set-after instead of all Set-before. Fixed double height mode when mixed with single height. I have also packaged wxTED up into an installer so it should be easier than ever to get started. I left the old zip version in case there is a problem.
1.12: Fastext made to work on carousels. When you set the Fastext links it applies to all the pages in a carousel. You can not have different Fastext links on different pages of a carousel. This is not a limitation of teletext, it is a limitation of wxTED.
1.11: Carousels no longer need fixing up manually to make them work on a Pi. When a carousel is saved, it will set all of the page numbers and subcodes to make them valid
1.10: Temporary fix for importing pages with Alpha black in them. Previously it would have removed any text on the line after the Alpha black. This release will convert it to Alpha blue because Alpha black is not compatible with C Strings. I intend come up with a better fix later.
Ability to import pages in raw TTX format. This must be exactly 1000 bytes and consists of all rows from 0 to 25. It will be detected automatically and displayed. And if not then email me the file that you can't read. File->Export Teletext40 will put your page as a URL in the clipboard ready to paste. Also if you edit in teletext40 and copy the URL you can paste it into wxTED.


  1. Download the installer and run it.
  2. The program is wxTED.exe which will be in your Start Menu.
  3. The accompanying instructions are in manual.pdf which is also in your Start Menu. It can also be found in your Program Files (x86) folder along with some random teletext pages.

Source code

Are you the adventurous type who likes to tinker and compile applications from the original source code? No, me neither. But if C++ is your kind of thing then head over to Go on, you know you want to fork it!